Fake Disinterest, 2014


Choreographer : Soodong Jung
Premiere : 02.05.2014 Arko Arts Theater_Small Hall
Music : Ezio Bosso
– 15 minutes
– 3 Dancer or 6 Dancer

2015.04.29 [FAKE DISINTEREST ] Invited Choreography
Austria Graz, Oper Graz Tanz Company ‘TANZNITE ZUM WELT TANZ TAG Mittwoch’, Invited Choreography

2014.11.22 [FAKE DISINTEREST] Repeat performance
Awarded PRODUKTIONSPREIS – Tanzkompanie der Oper Graz, with his Trio work at The 9 th International
Choreography Competition Ludwigshafen NO BALLET
in Theater Pfalzbau, Ludwigshafen, Germany

2014.10.25 [FAKE DISINTEREST] Repeat performance
19 MASDANZA – The International Contemporary Dance Festival of the Canary Islands, Spain

2014.07.11. [FAKE DISINTEREST] Repeat performance
The 23th In-cheon International Dance Festival-Invited performing
In-cheon Bu Peung Art Center

2014.05.02. [FAKE DISINTEREST] Premiere
Young Choreographers Creative Performances in 2014
Daehakro-ARKO Art Theater Small Theater


This story is about being indifference to protect my incompleteness which can be easily injured
by others. It also can be the natural figure which hidden in the bottom of my inside, or to hide
my emotions. I act purposely to others which I have no interest. However, inside of that behavi
or, there are inherent human’s educated protection instinct, behavior and emotion.

There are several ways to hide my emotion to others. Beyond them, not external elements like beh
avior or talk, as being untrue, you can show others to act you understand only by sense and gest
ure. Regardless ignore other’s emotion. By experiment of daily life’s behavior, gesture and move
ment, so it can be the basic equipment of this choreography.