Le Penseur, 2015


Choreographer, Dancer : Soodong Jung

Premiere : 2014
Music : Ezio Bosso, Max Ritcher
– 15 minutes

2015.10.29 The 20th MASDANZA International Choreography Festival  Solo Parts Invited Performance @Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

2014.12.07 Singapore M1 CONTACT Contemporary Dance Festival OPEN STAGE @Black box Theater, Singapore


Synopsis :
The man who is in deep thought watching the human suffering..Anguished movement of the body..
The shape of a strong man..This piece is motivated by Auguste Rodin’s work ‘The thinker’ which
was intended to depict Dante at the gates  of Hell. Canto III “Through me the way is to the
dolent: Through me the way is to eternal dole Through me the way among the people lost. Justice
incited my sublime Creater, Created me divine Omnipotence, The highest Wisdom and the primal
Love. Before me there were no created things, Only eterne, and I eternal last. All hope abandon,
ye who enter in!”
-‘Dante’s Divine Comedy’ Inferno of, 1-9 No. 3-