Fragments of Memory, 2016

Fragment of memory
Choreographer : Soodong Jung

Dancer : Ian Sin, Soodong Jung
Painting Drawing : Seokjin Hwang
Music : Greg Hains – Slumbers Tibe
– 25 minutes


2016.05.08  [Fragment of Memory]
Chun-Cheon Arts Festival invited performances
@ Festival Theatre gestures

2016.04.01-02  [Fragment of Memory]
Sowoojoo Creative Studio ‘SOOMDO’ Residency Program
@ Station excited breath Soomdo 1 floor theater microcosm

2016.03.22  [Fragment of Memory]
Dance Evening Solo & Duet modern dance ‘project’ performances
@Blue Light Live Hongdae Hall


This work is focused on the theme that the main character of <Missing person>,a novel wrote
by Patrick Modiano, found his identity of the human self through the lost memories. Through
the process of analyzing and describing the image and psychological state of the figures,
I’ve brought them into real world and drawn the story into the art work on a stage.