DIVE, 2016


Choreographer : Soodong Jung

Dancer : JungYun Choi, MyungHoon Park, Jumi Lee, Modern Kim, JungHwi Park, Soodong Jung
Music : Korean Symphony Ochestra (John Adams – Shaker Loops)
Location : @ JAYU Small Theater, Seoul Arts Center
– 30 minutes
– 6 Dancers

2016 Korea National Contemporary Dance Company(KNCDC) ‘Plug-in & Spark’

[ORCHESTRATION & CHOREOGRAPHY 오케코레오그래피]   Invited Choreographer Choice


We live most of our lives without the time to look around with relaxation.
We are moving, but how free can our somewhat unnatural body and consciousness be,
when in the ocean?

<Dive> means, ‘to jump into the water’, but also refers to the nondairy,
hedonistic space of rest such as illicit pubs, brothels, and gambling houses.
‘Diving’ into the unknown ocean of depth, is it an alluring futility, holy refuge,
or something else?