PyeongChang Cultural Olympic International Residency – Deep in the Mountains “ENCOUTER”

Choreographer  : Soodong Jung 

Composer  : JaeHoonKim
Dancer : Thanh Chung Nguyen (Vietnam), Irina Demina (Russia), Bartek Woszczynski (Poland), Ingrid Rosberg (Sweden), Ji Hye Chung (South Korea), Boram Jun (South Korea), YongSean Liu (Malaysia), Soodong Jung(South Korea).
Location : @Korea National Theater Dalian Theater, Seoul City, South Korea
Date : Oct 22. 2017.
Length : 12 minutes

– Choreography by Dance Producer Soodong Jung and Music by Music Producer Jaehoon Kim, the final performance brings the event to a close with a group dance and ensemble. The choreography focuses on capturing each and every memorable moment the artist felt as they tried to adapt to the new surroundings. The inner feelings-happiness, sadness, and joy-transforms, collides, and overlaps by the dancers.