SabraSabra, 2017


Choreographer : SoodongJung

Repeat Performance : 08.16.2018
Original Performance : 2016
Dancer : SangGak Kim, BumJoong Kim, HeongYeul Ko, HyngSoo Moon, SangJoon Park, Ju Won Song, Soodong Jung
Costume : KyungSool Bae
– 25 minutes
– 7 Dancers


2018. 08.16 [SabraSabra] Repeat Performance.
New Dance for the ASIA – NDA International Choreography Festival Invited Performance
@Sogang.univ. Thrater.

2017. 05 25 [SabraSabra]  Repeat Performance.
MODAFE International Contemporary Dance Festival ‘Domestic Invitational’ Selected. Choreography and Appearance @ARKO Arts Theater Grand Theater

2016. 07.26 [SabraSabra] Premiere.
‘DICFe’ Daegu World Choreography Festival’ – ‘Arzid Modern Dance Company’ Opening Performance
@ Daegu Opera House Grand Theater





‘Sabra’ means the fruit of a cactus flowers. Even in the difficult environment of the dessert,
the vitality to bloom is persistent and tough. It is similar to ours who live in an infinite
competitive society. The beauty of the flower that emerges through the thorns reveals the
innocence of man. The stage will be a third space, as if it is a boundary between reality and
unrealism, and we will be able to meet ‘Sabra’, a flower in our lives through the movement of dancers.