RhythmAnalysis, 2018


Rhythm Analysis / Premiere : 13-14 June, 2018 

Choreographer : Soodong Jung

Dancer : BoRam Jun, TaeHee Kim, SangJun Park, HyngSoo Moon, Sojung Im, Hanbe Yang, Joowon Song, HyeongYeul Ko, Soodong Jung
Sound Design : Hyewon Choi
Dramaturgy : Jiyoung Jang
Lighting Design : BaekHeei Ryu
Technical Design : Jinwoo Kim
Location : Arko Big Theater, Daehakro, Seoul City, South Korea

– 30 minute.


<Rhythm Analysis> is a work that reinterprets rhythm through body on the stage, inspired by Henry Lefebvre’s <Rhythm Analysis>, which analyzed capitalist society through ‘rhythm’. Rhythm is not only for music. Rhythm is in the basis of our life. Rhythm exists in the people and in the society.
Highs and lows of the voices, the speed of footsteps and breathe make one’s rhythm and let us know who he/she is. The speed of the people going up and down the stairs or crossing the streets and the sounds and flows of the busy cities make the rhythms of the society. The rhythms made from the society tells us about the society itself.
The rhythms of individuals and the rhythms of society sometimes meet and produce each other while clashing or overlapping. <Rhythm Analysis> is the search for the encounter, overlap, clash and change of those rhythms.