En Rythme, 2019




En Rythme, 리듬속에 / Premiere : 6-7, July, 2019

Choreographer : Soodong Jung


Choreography intention/Content

Choreographers have been inspired by the keywords ‘daily life’, ‘memory’ and ‘space’ in recent works. In particular, ‘rhythm’, which exists in three elements in common, is an element that exists in every part of our life, and its interpretation can be approached in various ways.

‘En Rythme(in the rhythm)’ was inspired by the painting of the Swiss artist Paul Klee, ‘En Rythme’, the rhythm, intensity of light, and irregularity patterns of the music in the painting in particular. These elements are of interest to the choreographer.

What happens when your “body” changes in repetitive daily routines? Illness, stress, the body that appears in the events within society. Discovery of irregular bodies …

The ‘rhythm’ from the ‘body’ begins to be explored. It is expressed through body, rhythm, daily life and memory, virtual space of stage.



Choreographer – SoodongJung/Soo d Art & Co
Dancer – SubinKim, JuhyonKim, SuyeunLee, HyojaeYoon, SunjaeJo, HeungyeulKo, JoowonSong, HyungsooMoon, SangjoonPark, SoodongJung
SoundDesigner – HyewonChoi

Dramatrugy – JiyoungJang
Light Designer – Backhoe Ryu
Stage Director – JinwooKim
Producer – YoojungPark
Photo – SanghoonOk
Host – DanceForum Critic’s Choice Dance Festival 2019
Support – Arzid Modern Dance Company, Dancer’s Job Market